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Causeography is a separate division of my photography business, services offered at reduced rates, exclusively dedicated to photography used to raise awareness of not for profit/charitable causes.

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 work, please view Causeography.

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Passionate about photography for many years, I found my true calling in a second act. Transitioning from behind the desk as an attorney to a photographer may have been difficult for some, but for me it felt as if I finally found a home for my desire to make an impact in people's lives. Delivering an image to a client where they see their best self is always the motivation behind my efforts. I have thrown myself into this chapter with all my heart, and have made learning about what it takes to make a memorable image an unrelenting goal. Whether it is a headshot, portrait or lifestyle photo for professional or personal use, I genuinely work to find the connection in my client's eyes that will unlock a photograph that will do more than document a moment in time — it will tell your story. 

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